Thermosyphon Solar Water Heater Accessory

1.Solar Water Heater Controller

Key functions: Automatic water supply, Timing watering, Automatic cut off water supply when full, Constant heating…

Component and Function Description:

1)Instrument host: The core of the controller and is used to setting all functions. Time, temperature and water level can be seen in screen.

2)Sensor: Being set inside the water tank. Being used to detecting temperature and water level, then, transfers to instrument host through signal line. There have 20m, 24m,30m etc. to choose.

3)Solenoid valve: Being used to watering automatically, and watering by the host’s control of open and close of valve.

solar controller

2.Assistant Tank(2L 5L)

Key functions:Mechanical automatic solar watering device. It is a mechanical device without additional components and all parts are made of stainless steel and brass materials.

Installation method: It is installed at the top or on the side of the solar water heater. The water inlet is connected with tap water pipe and the water outlet is connected with the water tank inlet.

assistant tank

3.Automatic Water Valve

Characteristics:Automatic water supply, and automatic cut off water supply when the tank is full. The material of valve is Nanoscale nylon PA66.

automatic water valve

4.Electric Heating

Key functions: Being used as a auxiliary heating equipment of solar system, when rainy day or temperature is not standard, it will be used to heating water inside the tank.
Specification: 1500W, 2500W, 3000W

electric heater for solar water heater

5.Magnesium Stick

Key functions: Removing and resisting fouling of solar water heater tank and vacuum tube.Using for a long time can prevent water from scaling, can protect metal containers without being corroded,can improve the insulation performance of solar water tank and improve the collector performance of vacuum tube. Usually, it needs to be changed annually, but in some place where the water quality is poor, it needs to be changed every three months or half a year.

Magnesium Stick