Heaters are designed differently; built with varying materials or implemented using different concepts. While some may use aluminium, others may be copper oriented and while some are designed to use evacuated tubes, others are in-built with copper coil heat exchangers. So if you’re looking to get yourself some hot water in your home, then you are spoilt for choice. But in all the competition and desire to rise above the others, one ingenious creation that has baffled the eyes of many is the copper coil solar heaters. They are an impressive choice and here are some of the top reasons.

Higher efficiency

The copper coil integrated into the tank greatly boosts the efficiency of the system and the tank is converted to a heat storage structure. This enables this copper coil solar system to overcome some of the many failures of a traditional one including long waiting times and slow heating. The cold water is immediately heated up and warmed when required eliminating the waiting periods before it gets hot.


Fast heat conductivity

One great advantage copper has over other materials is its top-notch conductivity and this makes it very efficient at transferring heat to the water. In fact, copper has about twice the conductivity of competing materials such as aluminium and this is what makes such heat exchangers appear in the ‘top’ lists. After all, you want a heater that could heat up your waters as fast as possible and in the shortest period.

Corrosion resistance

Another great advantage of a copper coil solar heater is its durability. This is due to the fact that the copper heat exchangers are highly resistant to corrosion even in presence of heat and moisture. The one material that nears such high corrosion resistance is stainless steel, which terribly fails by about 30 times in its heat conductivity against copper. With materials such as aluminium, you’d have to undergo costly coating processes so as to achieve a resistance level that copper freely offers.

No breakage possibility

With this kind of system, the water flows in a closed loop inside the collector and then to the heat exchanger. The lack of water in the glass tubes makes it a better system and prevents any possibility of breakage even in subzero temperatures where the water expands on freezing. Additionally, withdrawing one or more heat pipes doesn’t injure the functioning of the solar heater.

Maintenance free

The system is also well automated and gives you an easy time in its functioning. It’s practically maintenance free and you won’t have to click any buttons or watch over it. This makes it extremely reliable, stable and safe to use.
Having such a heater is one of the best investments you can make to your home and such a system is able to properly function throughout the year lowering your energy bills by up to 85%. You’ll get the maximum efficiency and unparalleled performance granting your home the gift of hot water throughout its lifespan.
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