Stainless steel tank and enamel tank remain to be the most popular types of solar storage tanks used in solar hot water applications. Many homeowners find it difficult to differentiate between the two, though both are said to be suitable for all solar water systems. To understand which type suits your needs, first understand the differences before choosing. This will help in reducing ongoing expenses and enhance the lifespan of your water heating system.

Comparison Between Stainless Steel Tank and Enamel Tank

-Stainless steel water tank is made up of either type 304 or type 316 stainless steel materials, while enamel tank is made up of mild steel with a fine interior vitreous enamel coating.
-Stainless steel tank is made to sustain high water temperature exceeding 85 Degrees Celsius, while enamel tank cannot withstand very high water temperature due to relatively weaker vitreous enamel coating.
-Both stainless steel tank and enamel tank resist corrosion. However, due to a protective oxide in stainless steel tank, it resists corrosion without the sacrificial anode, hence low maintenance cost. Enamel tank on the other hand, has a sacrificial anode that helps in minimizing corrosion. The anode requires regular checking and replacement after a specified period of time, usually 4 to 5 years. This increases its maintenance costs to about $150 to $300 for every replacement.
-Since stainless steel tank is more resistant to corrosion and ability to withstand high temperature than enamel tank, manufacturers tend to offer a longer warranty usually 10 to 15 years, while enamel counterpart is covered under a shorter warranty, 5 to 7 years.

Why Stainless Steel Water Tank is Better Than Enamel Water Tank?

As indicated by the above comparison, stainless steel water tank is more durable than enamel water tank. Generally, stainless steel is a well known sturdy material that can withstand diverse conditions. So, which is better between stainless steel tank and enamel tank?

Stainless Steel Solar Water Heater System

-High durability: As said earlier, stainless steel water tanks are stronger and likely to live longer than enamel counterparts.
-Cost effective: Stainless steel water tanks require less maintenance costs than enamel tanks, since they don’t need a sacrificial anode that should be replaced periodically.
-Better purchase worth your money: A longer warranty cover is always suitable for the buyer because you are rest assured of security in case of damage. Stainless steel tanks have a longer warranty than enamel tanks, making them a nice purchase and worth the value of your money.
-High quality hot water: This may depend with the nature of water supply. However, due to high corrosion resistance, stainless steel water tank will store better quality water.

Sometimes, the choice of your hot water storage tank might be quite overwhelming. You may come across many stories about stainless steel tank and enamel tank, but most of the manufacturers are after up-sell through heavy advertising. Therefore, it is advisable to seek advice from a reliable local dealer.