Vacuum tube type

Non pressure solar system-SS

Thermosyphon solar water heater allows the potable water to circulate directly through the collector and tank, resulting efficient heat transfer as no heat exchangers are required.The storage tank is made from food grade stainless steel by automatic welding, which efficiently avoids leaking problem.It is a simple and safe solution to get heat power from the sun.

Integrative pressure solar system-SP

15 mins pressure test in 12 bars; Tank volume is 100L~300L;high efficiency heat pipe technology;easy to install and freezing resist.

Heat pipe solar collector-SB

Heat pipe solar collectors are capable of working more efficiently for households in cold climate. The evacuated tubes are coated with a high performance selective absorbing surface that minimizes the reflection of the sun rays. Solar water heater system is the best choice to save the energy and cost for your home. This type with aluminum frame is suitable for flat roof.

Copper coil solar system-SHE

Suitable for islands & Mid-east countries. Non-pressure water tank with a high efficiency copper coil inside.Heat exchanger is from 20m~60m.