Balcony wall mounted solar system

This solar system is specially designed for high-rise buildings, and achieves the perfect combination of solar energy with architecture and environment.

Dimension (W*H)φ480*1150φ480*1300
Water tankInner tank: material+thicknessSUS304-1.2mmSUS304-1.2mm
Outer tank: material+thicknessGalvanized steel-0.41mmGalvanized steel-0.41mm
Insulation:material+thicknessPolyurethane foam-55mmPolyurethane foam-55mm
Rated heating power1.5KW1.5KW
Dimension (W*L*H)2000mm*1000mm*80mm
Aperture Area (M2)1.8
Absorber surface treatmentHigh Selective
Absorber materialComposite with cooper and aluminum
Flat panelAbsorber coatingBlack chromium/Blue titanium
Absorption coefficient0.96±0.03
Emmission coefficient0.09±0.05
Casing materialAluminum board
insulationBack: Fiber glass 30mm/Side:Polystyrene 20mm
Glass coverLow iron tempered textured glass

Balcony wall-mounted solar water heater comprises water storage tank, flat plate collector, bracket and controller. This utility model is specially designed for high-rise buildings, and achieves the perfect combination of solar energy with architecture and environment.


1. High energy efficiency: single day thermal efficiency is 5℃ higher than enamel interior tank, single diurnal heat consumption Q is lower than 10W.

2. Easy installation: 38% lighter than enamel interior, greatly reduce the difficulty of installation, and lighten the loads on the wall.

3. Corrosion resistance: automatic stainless steel welding technology effectively overcomes the disadvantage of corrosion and leak of enamel interior, and extends the lifetime of the tank.