Though solar panels are more efficient during sunny weathers, the modern ones can be used even during winter and cloudy days. They are becoming popular nowadays due to high demand for green energy, with high potential for future heating applications. The reliability and efficiency of a solar heating system design is determined by several factors, […]

Addition of multiple sources of heat to a home is so worthwhile. With such combisystems, all rooms in a building can be heated up to the required temperature needed throughout. In most cases, antifreeze solar heating systems can be added to a home heating system by including more than one solar collector for a given […]

Stainless steel tank and enamel tank remain to be the most popular types of solar storage tanks used in solar hot water applications. Many homeowners find it difficult to differentiate between the two, though both are said to be suitable for all solar water systems. To understand which type suits your needs, first understand the […]

A solar collector, also referred to as solar thermal collector, absorbs sunlight and converts it into usable heat. The energy is transferred to the storage water tank, making hot water available for domestic purposes. We have two main types of collectors to choose from; flat plate or evacuated tube. However, users have been engaging into […]

Solar water heater with solar powered level control operates on its own, from refilling the storage water tank, circulation, and heating the water. The system has a PV panel mounted on top of the water tank, which absorbs sun’s heat to generate electricity that is used to power the Control Valve. The valve is connected […]

The initial investment of a solar water heater is usually more than conventional water heating systems. The home owner will save more money in the long run, depending on the amount of hot water required, system’s performance, geographic location, and cost of conventional backup.