The 21st century tech has made it possible to reach some major milestones for the good of the human populace. One of the major accomplishments we can boast being the ability to tap the sun’s energy and use it in our homes. Solar heaters perform a great job at it, converting the solar energy to heat which is then used to heat up the water in the tank. But there’s more, these solar heaters can have integrated solar pressure systems for an even better experience.

With integrative solar pressure systems, water inside the heat pipes vaporizes at lower temperatures, rises and carries the heat to the pipe tips and thereby heating the water in the tank. It then condenses and cools moving down to the bottom of the pipes and the circulation continues. The benefit this kind of system holds are plenty, here are some of the few.

Higher efficiency

Using pressurized solar water heating systems drastically boosts the system’s efficiency. This is due to the fact that the water circulates within a closed circuit in the heat pipes, unlike traditional systems where circulation pumps need to lift the water to higher potential energy. This means that the water only needs to overcome small amounts of friction in the piping system,which translates to higher efficiency.
The water also evaporates at a much lower temperature, around 30oC due to the high pressure further saving energy.

Rapid heat delivery

One disadvantage of using traditional solar water heaters is that it takes a while before the water gets hot. Once a tap is shut, water remains in the pipe till it is reopened again and this time lapse is what cools the water. With an integrative solar pressure system, there’s always some water quantities from the pressurized heat pump and this keeps the water in the pipes constantly hot. You won’t have to waste your water and time waiting for the temperatures to rise before you bathe.
The water produced is also maintained at a constant temperature, making it comfortable and safe for use at all times.


The systems are designed to be durable, with most of them having up to a 5-year warranty. The maintenance costs are low and you’ll only have to suffer a one-time purchasing cost which you will eventually regain. The inner tank is also properly built with superior materials and a sturdy design.
Normally, the vacuum tubes don’t hold any water and this prevents them from breaking even in the colder regions when the water freezes. Additionally, the tubes are also designed to work individually, thereby ensuring that it still functions even when one breaks.

Right pressure

Traditional heating systems sometimes suffer pressure losses, especially when they subjected to a low installation position. Integrative pressure systems keep the water pressurized at all instances and you’ll really enjoy a hot shower with the right amount of pressure as opposed to one with low pressure. The high pressure ensures that you get to enjoy your shower with utmost comfort.
Now that you have learned what benefits you can obtain using such a system and you may need to have a look into such products..right? One of such products is the integrative pressure solar system-SP that is available in the market and would let you facilitate yourself with this latest innovative technology in the solar tech systems.