Solar heating may sound like one of those recent Eureka discoveries the planet has had the pleasure of unveiling, but you couldn’t be more mistaken. Solar water heating dates back to the late 1800s and in 1981, Clarence Kemp patented the solar powered Climax water heater. Currently, the technology is going widespread, hitting the globe like a plague and every home owner wants a taste of it. Using the sun’s rays to heat up your home’s water supply comes with a lot of perks, some of which you don’t want to miss out on.

Benefits of solar water heaters


If you’re looking to have more bang for your buck, then solar water heaters shouldn’t be too far off your options. The beauty about these heaters is that they use the sun’s free energy therefore saving your utility bill in the long run. Your use of electricity to heat water would be reduced by at least half, saving 50% to 100% of your bill. Unlike, electric or gas systems that continually eat up into your kitty, solar heaters can help you recoup your original investment in as little as 3-5 years. Additionally, these systems offer zero operating costs and are only a one time investment that lasts about 15 years.

Environmental impact

Most of our fuel needs springs from using fossil fuels and this in turn cripples our environment. Global warming issues have been making the headlines and the fossils which need millions of years to form are been used up in minutes. These fuels also emit a large quantity of CO2. Even electric heaters contribute to the rising CO2 levels because and according to University of Wisconsin mechanical engineers, a typical power plant produces up to eight tones of CO2 yearly. Using solar water heaters rids the environment of these menaces and heats up your water with almost zero impact on the environment.

Boost home’s value

Another benefit you can get from having a solar water heater is increasing your home’s resale value and this is due to its ability to lower the cost of heating. This means that you could get all the money you used in purchasing the solar heater when you sell your home. Surveys by the Department of Housing and Urban Development in the US show a $20 rise in value for every $1 drop in utility bills.

Energy self-reliance

Solar use enables you to decrease your dependence on utility and foreign fossil fuel companies. Multiply the number by the country’s populace and you’ll get a clear picture of how independent the nation can be and how much money can be saved. So long as the sun is in existence, you’d be able to generate your energy.

Solar energy is a heavenly gift that needs to be properly tapped. Its power is immense and the benefits are ever increasing. Purchasing one of these products would take you a couple of steps ahead and with their low maintenance, impressive efficiency and high reliability; you’ll be enjoying your hot water for years to come.