We found Blue Clean Solar Energy as great suplier of Solar Collectors. Best quality products, flexibility - thay can design especially for your needs, and good price made it one of our best choice in solar business. I recommend this company as an outstanding business partner.

Grzegorz Papież From Poland


We believe providing good customer service is the first stepping stone to forming long term relationships
  1. Professional Manufacturer

    Blueclean is a professional solar manufacturer since 2006 year, already have 8 years history. The factory is 6000+ square meters, have many advanced equipment and experience workers.. we have confidence to supply the best solar system for you!

  2. Competitive Price

    The price of our products is not lowest, but on condition of the same configuration and same quality, our price is the most competitive.

  3. High Quality

    Every tanks would be test severely by our QC before it leaves the factory. We test the tanks randomly every month including impulse test, efficacy test of vacuum tube and heat pipe to ensure the quality of every tanks, especially the pressurized ones.

  4. Customization

    We provide customers with free customization solution in product design and packaging, and fully meet their requirements.

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